Quintessa Coffee Roasters is a wholesale producer of specialty coffee blends, focusing on small-batch coffee.

Our goal is simple: Focus on a handful of coffee blends, roasted in small batches served at the peak of freshness.  We are passionate about all aspects of coffee production, from the farm to your morning latté.  Our focus on these details ensures Quintessa will deliver a quality cup of coffee for you to enjoy.

Our coffee operation is located at 1945 Front Street in Oceano, California, right off of scenic Highway One.  Come try our coffee at the café or watch our roasters while they work!

A Message from the Owners

Growing up in Seattle, we have had a passion for good coffee as long as we can remember.  For the last 15 years, we have lived in different areas of the country including San Luis Obispo, CA; Alexandria, VA; Snoqualmie, WA; and Chicago, IL.  Living in different areas of the country, we have had the opportunity to try many interpretations of specialty coffee.  Our love of coffee continues to grow with each new experience.

In 2018 we returned to the Central Coast of California to lay down our roots near our families and start a family-owned and operated coffee company focusing on quality and taste.  With the help of family and friends we are able to bring our love of good coffee home to our families and local community. Today, it is with the greatest pleasure that we proudly serve you Quintessa coffee.

Come by the shop to meet us and our wonderful team of friendly folks! We love sharing our passion for coffee over a cup of coffee.  We look forward to meeting you!